Case Study - Copperleaf

Services Provided: WordPress Redesign & Development, Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertising

Refreshed, simplified website with increased engagement from targeted prospects.

The Challenge

Copperleaf is a fast-growing decision analytics software company based in  Vancouver, BC, with over 100 employees and counting. Copperleaf has developed a unique enterprise software solution for Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) called C55 that is used by some of the largest and most innovative utilities in the world, including BC Hydro, Hydro-Quebec, Duke Energy, Powerlink and the Tennessee Valley Authority. C55 helps these organizations decide where and when to invest in their critical infrastructure to optimize performance and manage risk.

Before Copperleaf started working with Umami Marketing, they had a website that was no longer meeting their needs and were seeking a complete redesign on WordPress. They found their old site to be inflexible, out of date and without a clear conversion path for their prospects.

Copperleaf wanted a freshly redesigned website that would increase engagement and convert more website visitors into leads, while also reflecting their brand as a market leading professional organization that is also a young high tech company.

They wanted a website that was:

  • Updated in terms of the overall look and feel to align with current website design standards / best practices
  • Easier to update and maintain, enabling them to highlight key content and give visitors a compelling reason to click through to other pages of the site
  • More flexible to add content to as their product portfolio grows
  • Improved in terms of the user experience and overall engagement and resulting lead generation

From there, they wanted help with search engine optimization to drive increased traffic to the site for additional lead generation.

Our Approach

Umami partners with marketing and business leaders in the tech and software sector, to attract quality leads that convert into new business, through customized digital and inbound marketing programs that work.

Agile Project & Risk Management

Umami understood that Copperleaf required a custom website and digital strategy to increase lead generation and improve brand awareness. Umami proactively implemented strategies to identify potential risks to the project timeline and budget and address them quickly and cost-effectively.

Iterative Approach

In a fast-changing industry, we need to create, plan and launch campaigns continuously. To do so, we continue to measure and improve each campaign and program regularly, and use those results to feed into upcoming campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Experienced, Scalable Team

Umami assembled a team of experienced partners and subcontractors to help deliver the Copperleaf solution. The subcontractors were selected based on their experience, capabilities, and proven track record to deliver high quality work. Umami has the ability to scale the core team as needed to execute customized digital programs as the business grows.

Collaborative Project Execution

Umami works in partnership with Copperleaf to ensure ongoing business goals are well understood, team members are aligned to those goals and all effort drives towards effective execution. Umami’s application of this rigour is a key driver of Umami’s proven ability to consistently deliver high quality solutions that meet customer needs.


While working with Umami Marketing, Copperleaf has seen the following results:

Brand Alignment

The new website is more in line with the Copperleaf brand, showcasing a market leading professional organization that is also a young high tech international company.

Better Metrics

Copperleaf is now able to track conversions and goals and trends over time, while also having a baseline of measurement to report and measure against.

Easier to Maintain and Grow

Copperleaf is able to maintain and update the website more easily with a flexible custom WordPress solution, allowing for business growth and product scalability.

Improved User Experience

Visitors are able to easily navigate the site via various topics and featured content areas, and have the ability to drill down to learn more about specific software modules.

“Our experience with Umami was fantastic. The team was creative, flexible, collaborative, and professional. They made sure to involve all of our key stakeholders throughout the project, and delivered a website that is a true reflection of our brand – on time, and on budget.”

Laura Ryan, Copperleaf
Laura Ryan Director of Marketing Communications, Copperleaf